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John Randall York's


I visited David Mitchell's studio in rural East Texas March 4th and played guitar for about an hour... he removed the excess noise in between songs and this is what we came up with, I call it "Sketchbook" because it is like sketches, like a live performance in a studio. I wrote all of the tunes except for "Villanelle", a very old lute tune by Jean-Baptiste Besard. I wanted to make more music you could play as a pleasent background, I really hope you enjoy this. - John

$15 Dollars- That includes Shipping and postage inside the USA- Please use the PayPal button below. I am pleased to sign the CD for no extra cost- Please e-mail if you are buying from outside the USA. Also, please let me know if you'd like to order more than one, I'll gladly combine shipping! You can hear a couple of the songs here on my MYSPACE Thank you!

P.S. Please E-mail if you wish to order by check or money order [email protected]

Please visit AMAZON or ITUNES or EMUSIC to download MP3s of my music!